The past years working for one of the leading brands in the art market have allowed me to talk to a hugely inspiring variety of people - dealers, gallerists, curators, museum directors, collectors, auctioneers, fair directors, creative and strategy agencies, auxiliary service providers, designers and decorators, journalists, developers, and academics. Learning about their experiences, goals and needs has been, and continues to be, a wonderful journey worth sharing.


Apollonia is about supporting new initiatives in art and lifestyle to find and claim their place in the global landscape. Apollonia is also about supporting established brands in creating new value for their new and existing audiences. 

Improving and refining your proposition and its promotion is first about asking the right questions.


The answers lie in data, preferences, experience, beliefs, and in your specific tangible and intangible assets.

Based on these combined insights we develop strategies and concepts that allow you to reach, engage and serve your customers better.

This includes finding the right partners for flexible and specialist execution, and making sure your organizational structure and culture is up to speed.