A friend from Sweden once told me: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” 

I found this not only to be true when it comes to Scandinavian weather, but also very relevant in weathering the everchanging climate and scenery of the global art market, with numerous opportunities for existing as well as new players.  

Projects around digitization, increasing customer centricity, and launch strategies have my special interest. 

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The Kremer Museum

A museum solely in virtual reality for the Kremer Collection

Concept by The Kremer Collection

Designed by Architales

Developed by Moyosa Media

Launch and Marketing Strategy by Apollonia

Mighty Masters

"Making art universally accessible and fun to as many schoolchildren in the world as possible  by equipping schools around the world with VR technology."

Concept by The Kremer Collection & Apollonia

Partners: Delivering Change Foundation & Moyosa Media